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Your partner in the recycling industry

- Company Background -

NeoCycle is a French trader specialized in the segment of recyclables or recycled products such as paper, corrugated paper and plastics.

It was founded July 14th 2012 by Olivier Lermine and started its activity in October the same year.

Olivier Lermine has 20 years of experience in the recycling industry and was Sales Director of Veolia Propreté France Recycling and General Manager of European Products Recycling. Before entering this activity, he worked as a forwarding agent in the Ocean and Air freight.



NeoCycle's profile


- NeoCycle is an SAS with a 48 000€ capital.


- The capital is divided as follows:


          - 100% Olivier LERMINE



- NeoCycle benefits, despite his early foundation, from the trust of credit insurance agencies and all NeoCycle's sales are handled with this guarantee.


- Action and vision of the business permit to answer the needs of the actors of the Recycling value chain.


- The company has a strong technical experience thanks to his creator Olivier Lermine as well as knowledges of the domectic and international market (Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, South America, Emirates).


- Organization, logistics and information technologies allows reactivity to demand. NeoCycle decided to develop his own software that gives access to reports and trends to suppliers and customers.









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