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Your partner in the recycling industry

- NeoCycle adheres to FEDEREC -


Professional Association, brings together recycling players within a federal structure in which different actions are:

- The promotion of recycling and its businesses

- Representation, information and support for its members.

The area of recycling and recovery of waste, that is FEDEREC with 1,300 member sites, is one of the recognized pillars of French eco-industries and a true industrial and strategic leverage to the French and European growth.

Industry figures speak for themselves:

- 9.4 billion euros in turnover
- 33.6 million tonnes of recycled raw materials
- 26,000 resulting jobs listed on French territory

(I + C Statistics for 2013)

FEDEREC was created in 1945 to bring together the various trade associations of the profession, the first having been established in 1890.

In 2013, the Federation is made up of:

- 1300 members websites
- A Federal Bureau
- A Board of Directors
- A team of 13 permanent
- 8 regional unions
- 7 regional secretaries

Member of the federation recycling (FEDEREC) since 2012.

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